HIIT 2.22.17

I realize I’ve been bad about posting lately! Last night, I subbed a HIIT class. I don’t normally teach in this format, however, it could easily be adapted for cross training or boot camp style training. I like HIIT, and when done properly, it’s great for shredding calories and fat. It’s also great for endurance building. For this class, we did sets of three exercises, 1 minute for each exercise, followed by 1 minute of rest. The first two exercises are meant to be at moderate intensity, and the third minute should be at high intensity. Following a warm up, complete these 6 sets of three exercises 2x. Enjoy! 🙂

  1. renegade rows (plank rows)
  2. goblet squat
  3. plank jacks (add in a pike too for more core attention)
  1. push ups
  2. reverse lunges (with weight)
  3. skater hops
  1. sumo squat high pull
  2. curtsy lunge + side leg lift
  3. high knees
  1. shoulder press
  2. alternating single leg deadlifts
  3. jump lunges
  1. knees to elbows
  2. bicep curls
  3. burpees (add a tuck jump for higher intensity)
  1. skull crushers (or overhead tricep extension)
  2. squat (with weight)
  3. in-and-out plyo squat


Oldie but a goodie playlist:


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