Cross Training 1.26.2017

Switched things up a bit to a different format and brought a bit of focus on to some of our smaller muscles. TRX suspension straps needed for this circuit.



20 squats

20 single leg squats

20 squat jumps with heel tap

2 stair runs

20 chest press

20 bicep curls

20 tricep extensions

2 stair runs

20 roll out hops

20 high rows

20 bicep rows

2 stair runs


1 hall sprint, 180 degree squat walk

1 hall sprint, walking lunges

1 hall sprint, weighted duck walk


20 squat pulses

20 lunge hops

20 side lunges (optional hop)

2 stair runs

10 atomic crunches

10 pikes

10 oblique crunches

2 stair runs

20 mountain climbers

20 hip abductors

10 ab roll outs

2 stair runs


Monkey side run, down and back

1 hall sprint, bear crawl

1 hall sprint, crab walk

1 hall sprint, frog jumps


Oldie, but good playlist for this morning!


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