Cross Training 1.17.17

Yesterday was an icy morning, and all the more reason to get a workout in. I tired to squeeze in a little extra cardio and core with the workout so consider yourself warned.

We warmed up with a few gym laps to get the blood flowing. From there, here was our workout.

Repeat 2x.

  1. 20 renegade rows
  2. 20 thrusters
  3. 20 boat rolls + crunch (use an ab mat under your hips or you’ll get a little bruised)
  4. 3x stair sprints
  5. 20 elevated knees to elbows (feet up 3-4 feet on wall)
  6. 20 burpees with 2 jump lunges each
  7. 20 wipers OR toes to bar
  8. 3x suicides in gym
  9. 20 glider hamstring curl + glute press
  10. 20 curl to shoulder press
  11. 20 single leg weighted v-ups (10 ea side – opp arm to foot)
  12. 3x hallway sprints with bear crawl back (about the length of 2 basketball courts)

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