Bootcamp 12.2.16

On Fridays, we take a little break from the high intensity interval training and focus more on cardio && having a little fun. They’re usually a little more relaxed, but the workouts are still challenging. Here’s what we did Friday. (Now is one of those times when you have to stop caring what anyone else thinks at the gym, because you might look a bit crazy 🙂 )

I. Treadmill drills

  1. 10 minutes- “shredmill” – incline at 15%, speed 3.0-3.5, hold a dumbbell in each hand
  2. Sprints – 1/4 mile sprint x4, 1 minute rest in between. Maintain or increase speed with each sprint
  3. Walking treadmill lunges – 5 minutes – incline 5%, speed 1.0, walking lunges. Lift back leg up for a second or two before walking it forward
  4. Plank steps – 6x 50 steps (25 each hand) – incline at 0%, speed 1.0. Body is in plank with hands on the end of treadmill, walk hands on treadmill
  5. “Deadmill”
    1. 50 steps + 10 thrusters x5
    2. 100 steps + 20 scurpees x3

II. Rower/Erg Drills (This can also be used as a great workout warm up)

  1. 2 minute warm up
  2. 100 meter row sprint
  3. 10 plank shoulder taps
  4. 200 meter row sprint
  5. 20 plank shoulder taps
  6. 300 meter row sprint
  7. 30 plank shoulder taps
  8. 200 meter row sprint
  9. 20 plank shoulder taps
  10. 100 meter row sprint
  11. 10 plank shoulder taps

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