When it’s sunny and 75 in early November in Nebraska, you better believe we are taking our workout outside. You will need a set of dumbbells, a medicine ball, a sand weighted exercise ball (15-20#s) and a hill. We tried several new exercises with a medicine ball in this workout.

We split into two groups- One group starting at the base of the hill with a set of dumbbells each (b), the other group starting at the top of the hill with the medicine and sand weighted balls (a). Each group works repeatedly through 3 exercises for 4 minutes, then switches. When groups switch, they either run up or down the hill from their current stations.

Round 1:

  1. A: 25 wall balls, 20 sand weighted ball throws, 50 med ball oblique twists
  2. B: 20 renegade rows, 20 thrusters, 20 walking lunges

Round 2:

  1. A: 20 med ball crunches, 20 med ball knee crushers, 10 med ball push ups
  2. B: 20 squats, 20 plie squats, 20 monkey squats

Round 3:

  1. A: 30 med ball mtn climbers, 30 russian twists, 30 med ball press jacks
  2. B: 15 fly, 15 lateral raises, 15 lunge + curls

Round 4:

  1. A: 10 lateral hop burpees, 20 wood choppers, 10 single leg deadlifts
  2. B: 20 scurpees, 20 squat + tricep extensions, 20 jump lunges

Round 5:

  1. A: 15 squat jumps with med ball, 15 med ball roll ups, 15 toe med ball toe touch crunches
  2. B: 30 knees to elbows, 30 high knees, 10 inch worms

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