Sugar-coated workout

Let’s just go ahead and get this one over with. These step burpees, also known as burpee box jumps, just suck. I won’t sugar coat it one bit. Crank up your music and just do them. Your arms will thank you later! There’s a new playlist below to help you along the way. 🙂

5 rounds. Each round reps increase for each exercise (begin with 10 reps in round 1, and end with 50 reps in round 5.) Between each round, stair climb – round 1, do 1 stair climb, round 2, do 2, and so on. 15 total stair climbs when finished. At the end you will have completed 150 reps of each exercise. WOO!


  1. step burpees (a.k.a. burpee box jumps – use a box if you have it, if not a step with 4-5 risers works well too)
  2. v crunches
  3. bulgarian split squat – weighted (split reps between legs with each round)
  4. tricep dips
  5. decline knees to elbows (spider plank with feet on top of box or step, hands on the floor in plank)
  6. elevated bridge press – weighted (While this can be effective on the floor, increase the focus on your hamstrings by placing your feet on top of your step with your back on the floor, then press your hips towards the ceiling. Weights rest on your hips.)



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