The great debate workout

I made this workout during the final presidential debate. It’s call “the great debate workout – presidential fitness edition” because we’re doing various exercises for one round, followed by the opposite, negative or other exercise working the same muscle group in the next round.

Round 1: Spend 1 minute at each station. Before switching to the next station, complete 5 burpees.

  1. pull ups/flexed arm hang
  2. front lunges
  3. weighted squats
  4. push jerks
  5. v crunches
  6. push ups
  7. dumbbell deadlifts
  8. curtsy lunges
  9. ball exchanges
  10. bicep curls
  11. baby arnolds
  12. bosu burpees

Round 2: Spend 30 seconds at each station. Before switching, complete 5 kettlebell swings.

  1. pull up negatives
  2. back lunches
  3. in and out weighted squats
  4. jerk negatives
  5. plank cross throughs
  6. full release push ups
  7. stability ball hamstring curls
  8. weighted dirty dogs
  9. stability ball crunches
  10. bicep rows
  11. lateral lifts
  12. bosu bicycle crunches

End with a hall run and frog hops back.



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