For this workout, you will need to be on a wood or otherwise slippery floor that you can slide a towel on. Place a set of dumbbell weights and a kettle bell at one end of a room. You will need an additional set of dumbbells for the dumbbell push discussed next.

Each dumbbell push in the workout uses a set of heavy weights on a folded towel. Placing your hands on each dumbbell on the towel and keeping your butt down and knees hovering the floor (similar to a bear crawl without the crawl motion of your arms), push the dumbbells to the other end of the room, complete the other exercise, then push your dumbbells back to the other end. This is a great exercise working your legs, core, triceps and shoulders when performed properly.

I. Warm Up

II. Work through each set of exercises 3x.

  • 5 man makers
  • dumbbell push
  • 5 wall runs or donkey kicks
  • dumbbell push
  • 5 thrusters
  • 15 kettle bell swings
  • dumbbell push
  • 10 push ups
  • dumbbell push
  • 5 weighted burpees
  • 10 weighted front lunge
  • dumbbell push
  • 15 squats
  • dumbbell push
  • 10 weighted back lunges
  • 30 russian twist
  • dumbbell push
  • 60 s. plank hold
  • dumbbell push
  • 30 spider plank
  • 15 kettle bell squat to upward row
  • dumbbell push
  • 10 renegade rows
  • dumbbell push
  • 30 weighted jacks

III. Cool down/Stretch



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