Work. Achieve. Repeat.

I. Warm up – jump rope | stairs | laps, etc.

II. Place a fairly heavy kettle bell at one end of a gym or room, and an ab mat at the other end. Work through the kettle bell exercise, followed by the animal move to migrate to the other end of the room to complete the ab exercise. Use the next animal move to return to the end of the room with the kettle bell. Work through this sequence for 30 minutes.

20 kettle bell swings > crab walk > 20 diamond crunches < bear crawl

20 kettle bell sumo squat high pull > frog jumps 20 walking plank crab walk

20 single leg kettle bell deadlift bear crawl 20 v-crunches frog jumps

20 front lunges > crab walk 20 wipersbear crawl 

20 kettle bell snatches (10 ea. arm) frog jumps20 knees to both elbows crab walk

III. Partner up. Each group of partners needs a medicine ball, a set of dumbbells, and a jump rope. Each set of exercises has 2 pieces. Each person does one exercise for 45 seconds then switches and rests for 15 seconds. Repeat each group of exercises 2x.

  1. wall balls | burpees
  2. high knees | chest press
  3. jump rope | renegade row
  4. wall sit | skater steps




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