Just keep spinning

I haven’t posted a cycle workout in a while. I’ll be honest with you it’s because I’ve made a playlist and then we do whatever the beat makes me feel that day. I taught spinning twice the other day with this playlist, and I can tell you they were both great and different workouts. Here’s roughly what we might have done in either class.

  1. warm up. flat road, pushes on the chorus. gear increase to 2 above. no more for the warm up.
  2. continued warm up. hill. steady climb. stair step up to the top. topped off at 10 above base.
  3. RPM drills between 90 and 115. Gear between base and base +4. Follow the music. Speed up when it does, heavier resistance when it slows.
  4. Surges. Flat road, add 2-3 gears and sprint on chorus.
  5. Heavy hill. Gear up 1 every 15 seconds. Hold at base + 10 to the end.
  6. Endurance. Maintain 95-100 RPMs for the entire song. Increase gear by 1 every minute.
  7. Standing steady climb. Seated pushes.
  8. Heavy hill.
  9. Seated light hill. Brief pushes.
  10. Standing steady climb. Pushes on chorus.
  11. Hill.
  12. Isolations. Seated pushes on the chorus. Increase gear by one after each seated push.
  13. Heavy standing surges followed by seated push on chorus. Recovery at base in between. (3x)
  14. Standing climb to finish.

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