Go hard or go home

It’s been a while since I posted a workout and since we’ve done any kick boxing. Here’s a workout cross between boot camp and kick boxing. If you don’t have gloves, you can always use dumbells in each hand.

Spend 3.5-4 minutes at each rotation:

1st set:

Bags: 30 jabs, 30 hooks, 10 burpees

Floor: 25 kettle bell swings, 25 dips, 1 hill run

2nd set:

Bags: 30 hooks, 30 front kicks, 15 jump lunges

Floor: 15 decline push ups, 25 box jumps, 20 box lunges

3rd set:

Bags: 30 side kicks, 30 roundhouse kicks, 30 spider plank

Floor: 15 21’s (bicep curls), 20 shoulder press, 1 hill

4th set:

Bags: 30 back jabs, 30 front kicks, 10 walk out push ups

Floor: 25 hamstring curls (stability ball), 50 thigh ball squeezes, 1 hill

5th set:

Bags: 30 jabs, 30 belly rippers, 30 roundhouse kicks

Floors: 30 goblet squats, 30 monkey squats, 1 hill


End with 5 min abs:

planks, walking plank, weighted roll ups, leg lifts, etc.



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