Power Pump

It’s been a while since I posted a power pump workout. While this certainly focuses more so on toning over strengthening, it also builds muscle endurance. Exercises are choreographed for classes, but if you are working on you own, I’d suggest 10-15 reps of each exercise and then repeat if the song is still going. Always start with heavier weights – you can always drop. Typically legs are done with a 30# body bar, and arms are done with 12# and sometimes 10# dumbells.

  1. Warm up – stretches, body squats
  2. legs – weighted squats | closed leg squats | plie squats | alternating squats and closed leg squats {Squat with feet shoulder-width distance apart; step feet together, squat; step foot out to shoulder-width distance, repeat}
  3. legs – step stationary lunges | single leg elevated squats | curtsy lunges | alternating front step lunges
  4. legs – stability ball hamstring curls | stability ball thigh squeezes
  5. core – scissor kicks | single leg crunches | bicycle crunches
  6. triceps – tricep kickbacks | overhead extension | double arm kick backs {behind body}
  7. core – plank variations
  8. biceps – bicep curls | reverse curls | hammer curls
  9. core – russian twist | heel touches | weighted press ups {on back, legs straight toward the ceiling}
  10. shoulders – upward row | havyk raises {one arm raises out to the side while other arm raises directly in front of the body, switch} | shoulder press | shoulder hinges
  11. core – leg raises | single leg raises
  12. arms – reverse fly | inside curls | push ups | v raises
  13. legs – split leg squat | single leg dead lift
  14. glutes – fire hydrant + variations
  15. Cool down

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