#JULikeBurpees Challenge

This was a friend’s workout that I adapted by changing ab exercises to burpees for the #julikeburpees #sweataday challenge. (If you live in Lincoln, go check out Amanda Boucher’s workouts. She’s a beast and has great workouts.) Grab a heavy kettle bell (I used a 35#) and a space about 25′ long. If you have a fitness studio, that’s even better. At one end you will complete an exercise with a kettle bell, do an exercise to go to the opposite end of the room/space, then complete 5 burpees or burpee variation. Once you’ve worked your way down the list, work your way back up. If time permits, repeat. (When you get to the bottom you do two passes of backward crab walk; when you get back to the top you do 20 + 20 kettle bell swings.) You’re shoulders will thank you for this one! 🙂 Playlist at the bottom.

20 kettle bell swings

bear crawl forward

5 burpees

bear crawl backward

15 goblet squats (hold kettle bell at chest with both hands)

crab walk forward

5 burpee star jumps

crab walk backward

20 reverse lunges (hold kettle bell at chest with both hands)

frog hops

5 single leg burpees (5 on one leg + 5 on the other leg)

frog hops

15 straight leg deadlifts

bear crawl forward

5 burpee box jumps

bear crawl backward

20 high pulls

crab walk forward

5 bosu burpees

crab walk backward


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