No rest for the weary

Here’s what happened in cross training this week. It’s a short and sweet post, but a good all-around butt kicking!

I. Work for 1 minute at each station. Rotate. Between each station complete 10 kettle bell swings. {Use heavier weights when possible.}

  1. chair jump squats
  2. reverse fly
  3. TRX atomic push ups
  4. weighted squat + lateral leg lift
  5. push press
  6. TRX cross body row
  7. bosu walking lunges
  8. bosu burpees
  9. farmer carry
  10. bag: 30 jabs/30 hooks
  11. bag: 15 front kicks/15 roundhouse kicks

II. Complete 2x: {due to the weather, we were indoors}

  1. suicide set/hill run
  2. 10 scurpees + 2 weighted jabs
  3. suicide set/hill run
  4. 5 burpees
  5. suicide set/hill run
  6. 20 walking lunges
  7. suicide set/hill run
  8. 10 frog jumps

III. Core

4 minutes of plank variations


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