Kill em with kindness

What’s up with all these dreary Monday’s lately? I mean, three in a row. Because Monday’s aren’t already hard enough. Luckily, there’s power pump to brighten this day 🙂

  1. warm up
  2. legs – stability ball weighted squats, squat holds, squat pulses
  3. legs – squats, squat side steps
  4. legs – stationary lunges, elevated single leg squats, curtsy lunges
  5. core – plank variations
  6. core – single, double leg lifts, crunches, bicycle crunches
  7. shoulders – upward row, shoulder press, shoulder hinges
  8. triceps – overhead single and double arm extensions, tricep kick backs
  9. biceps – bicep curls, bent over high rows, hammer curls, bent over rows
  10. core – stability ball crunches (roll ball into chest), ball roll outs, ball exchanges
  11. chest – close chest press, chest press, reverse chest fly
  12. core – weighted russian twist, crab crunches
  13. calves – calf press (toes pointed forward, inward, and outward)

Here’s to a good week ahead! xox


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