Swing your partner

I ended up sitting this one out with an ill-timed allergy-induced sinus infection. Ick. I thought I could wing it, but wanted to save my energy for the Big Red Challenge on Saturday. LUCKILY, I had a wonderful group give it a go this morning. I quickly realized this is not doable in 50 minutes, but that it was a good workout. Give it a shot, but try taking out the lunges if you’re short on time.

Each number represents a round which has two exercises (a) and (b). Partner 1 does 10 reps of exercise (a) while partner 2 does 20 reps of exercise (b), then switch. Repeat with partner 1 doing 9 reps of exercise (a) while partner 2 does 18 reps of exercise (b), then switch. Work down to doing 1 rep of exercise (a) and 2 reps of exercise (b). {Try explaining that at 5:30 in the morning – oy! But they got it.}

  1. (a) burpees vs (b) weighted squats
  2. (a) spider push ups vs (b) weighted jacks
  3. (a) weighted step ups vs (b) mountain climbers
  4. (a) push ups vs (b) wall balls
  5. (a) kettle bell swings vs (b) plank rows
  6. (a) bicep curls vs (b) reverse fly

**The catch: Between each round, run hill (about 25 yds long) 3x then complete 50 walking lunges. If you don’t have a hill to climb, jog/run 1/4 mile (After you complete 10 burpees and 20 weighted squats all the way down to 1 burpee and 2 squats, THEN go run the hill & do the lunges.)**


  1. 15 floor wipers
  2. 30 bicycle crunched
  3. 20 russian twists
  4. 15 walking planks
  5. 30 spider planks
  6. 20 legs lifts

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