The countdown is on for my gym’s pool to be open – 5 days to be exact! So I’ve had summertime on my mind. Today’s class (like all my power pump classes) focused on working our major muscle groups with lots of emphasis on core and legs to the tune of a few of my favorite summer jams. 🙂 All my muscles burned at some point in the class though let me tell ya! Here’s what we did:

  1. warm up stretches, weightless squats
  2. legs – stationary lunges, curtsy lunges
  3. legs – squats / 2 count squats / squat holds / squat pulses
  4. legs – goblet squats / squat + heel lifts / squats + lateral leg lifts
  5. core – russian twists / leg lifts
  6. core – planks / full body sit ups
  7. biceps – 21’s
  8. shoulders – hinges / front lifts / side lifts / shoulder press
  9. triceps – tricep extensions / tricep dips
  10. arms/back – fly / wide rows / deadlifts
  11. core – plank variations
  12. full body – shoulder hinges / shoulder press / squat + tricep extension / lunge + hammer curls
  13. upper body – supermans / push ups

What are you doing to get ready for summer?


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