Run for the hills

The weather and early sunrise are finally aligning so that we can start going outside for cross training in the mornings. It was a bit nippy out, so we worked up a nice sweat inside before heading out to the hills. The nice (or not so nice) part about the Fallbrook Y is that it’s situated on a hill. Running the hills was just the beginning of the end of our class today. Oh yes. It was a good day for cross training.

Warm up {repeat 3x}

  1. basketball court sprint (down and back)
  2. 3 burpees
  3. 20 walking lunges

Work, work, work those shoulders {Repeat as many times as possible in 20 min}

  1. 10 (each arm) plank tricep kickbacks
  2. 1 gym length of hovering bird dog walk (walking on all fours with your knees hovering over the ground)
  3. 25 walking plank (going between hands and elbows plank)
  4. 15 straddle jump on step + push up (coming to the end of a exercise step, straddle the step, hop both feet together up on the step, bring your arms down on the step, and jump back into a push up position. Push up, stand up, repeat.)
  5. 1 gym length plank drag (using a towel or glider, place feet on glider/towel in plank position and walk forward using your arms)

Swing your partner… {12 minutes}

Work each exercise for 1 minute, switch. Once you’ve worked through each exercise, repeat.

  1. plank hold vs. wall balls
  2. burpees vs. kettle bell swings
  3. donkey kicks vs. weighted squat side step

Run for the hills (we used a hill roughly 50 yards long) – {time permitted only 1 round. My goal was 2x.}

  1. 1 hill sprint (down and back up)
  2. 1 hill sprint (down) + frog hops (back up)
  3. 1 hill sprint (down) + walking lunges (back up)
  4. 1 hill sprint (down and back up)

Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It was a tough class, but it was a fun class. Now get out there! xox


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