Well this week has been crazy. We had tornadoes dropping around Lincoln on Monday, so as soon as power pump started, they called everyone to take cover in the restrooms. I don’t have weights at home, but I got a little creative and did an at home workout. I’ll have to post a severe weather workout for home soon!

While it deluged outside this morning, we hopped on our bikes for a good ride. It was nice to watch the lightning outside in the dimmed room this morning. It put me a great mood 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed when the weather is wet out, but once you get out of bed, it’s not so bad. (My dogs would not agree with that statement one bit.)

Here’s what we did this morning:

  1. warm out – quick pace in and out of the saddle, worked up to 3 above base in the saddle and 7 above base out of the saddle
  2. red lights – steady seated climb, pushes on the chorus
  3. heavy cross – standing heavy climb
  4. feel again – standing climb, seated pushes on the chorus; heavy gear remained for pushes
  5. sleep alone – endurance ride; maintain 95-105 RPMs for ~4 min; 2-3 gears added
  6. good to be alive – active recovery
  7. too close – standing climb, seated surges
  8. 50 ways to say goodbye – sprints on the chorus, 2-5 gears added with sprints
  9. I know you want me – tabatas; 20 sec work, 10 sec recovery. 30 sec work, 15 sec recover. 45 sec work, 20 sec recovery. 1 min work.
  10. burn it down – heavy climb
  11. ignition – standing climb, heavy surges on the chorus
  12. bang bang – stair step climb (up two, down one); pushes
  13. cool down

Stay dry out there! xox

sunshine hurricane


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