New week. Let’s do this.

There’s nothing quite like getting over sore legs with lots of weighted squats, right? It was back to the grind yesterday in power pump. The sun finally came out yesterday after a week of Seattle-like drizzle and cooler temperatures that gave some motivation for the start of this new week. What motivated you to conquer your week ahead?

  1. Warm up
  2. Legs – squats | squat with single pulse at the bottom
  3. Legs – stationary lunges on step | one leg elevated squats | curtsy lunges
  4. Legs – squats | squat kicks
  5. Legs – bridge press | bridge press with leg lifts
  6. Core – Russian twists | Russian twist double taps
  7. Core – plank variations: toe taps, knee bends, shoulder taps | supermans
  8. Triceps – single arm kick backs | double arm overhead extensions (single and double count)
  9. Biceps – high rows (added shoulder and back work) | bicep rows (beside torso) | bicep curls | hammer curls
  10. Shoulders – shoulder press | upward row | front raises
  11. Chest – chest press (single and double count) | chest fly | tricep bonus: skull crushers
  12. Core – single and double leg lifts
  13. Calves – calve raises (toes pointed forward, outside, inside)
  14. Core – 1 minute spider plank
  15. Cool down

(PS: I used an old playlist this week but still attached it just in case 🙂 )



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