No plateau here

The motivational quote attached to this post is one I keep coming back to. So much of what we aim to achieve, especially physically in the gym or out hitting the pavement, has so little do with our body and so much to do with our head and determination. Every time you feel like you can’t keep going, push yourself that much further — to finish working out to the song that’s playing, finish out the mile your on, to complete 5 more pull ups, whatever it is — keep going just a bit further. You will surprise yourself in what you are capable of accomplishing. Keep setting those goals. Keep going for it. Keep reaching goals. You can do it!

[*Note: this class was taught Tuesday morning*]

Cross training this morning was fun. It had a good balance of cardio and (mostly) body weight exercises. 5 minutes at each station. Perform each round 1x. Group core between Round 2 & 3 included plank variations, toe touches, toe reaches and bicycle crunches. We spent close to 6 minutes at some stations (due to my bad timing) and did not get to round 4 today. Sometimes it’s hard to have all my ducks in a row at 5 am. 🙂

Round 1:

Bootcamp: hall sprint + stair climb, 10 scurpees, 10 walking lunges

Bags: 30 jabs, 30 hooks, 20 side kicks

Round 2:

Bootcamp: hall sprint + stair climb, 20 spider plank, 10 crab crunches

Bags: 15 1-2 punches (ea arm), 30 belly rippers, 20 roundhouse kicks


Round 3:

Bootcamp: hall sprint + stair climb, 20 SL deadlifts, 20 plank side toe taps

Bags: 20 front kicks (added squat optional), 20 knee jabs, 20 roundhouse kicks

Round 4:

Bootcamp: hall sprint + stair climb, 10 BW squats, 10 push ups

Bags: 30 jabs, 30 hooks, 10 surrender + front kick

What are you working toward accomplishing by the end of this week? You’re almost there – finish strong! 


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