Kick it into gear

Ah Monday. You always sneak up so fast. Despite a relaxing weekend that included some nice runs and a baseball game with our dogs, that early alarm is never easy on the ears. This week comes with anticipation and excitement for Sunday’s Lincoln marathon and half marathon. I’m ready for it to be here! In the meantime though, I’ve got some good workouts planned for the week. Here’s what we did in power pump yesterday. (I’ll post the playlist but it’s an old one I’ve used before.)

  1. warm up
  2. legs: stability ball wall squats | squat holds | squat holds + alternating leg extensions
  3. legs: front, back, side lunges | curtsy lunges
  4. legs: stability ball hamstring curls | ball thigh squeezes
  5. core: plank variations — alternating leg bends | walking plank | spider plank | alternating side toe taps
  6. shoulders: L raises | front raises | angled front raises
  7. core: double and single leg lifts | bicycle crunches
  8. triceps: single arm overhead extensions | double arm overhead extensions + wide leg squat | back tricep extension (slide weight up spine)
  9. core: ball exchanges | stability ball alternating side leg lifts
  10. biceps: bicep curls | hammer curls
  11. core: standing side crunches | woodchoppers
  12. chest: press | reverse fly + bridge press
  13. glutes: weighted fire hydrant variations — reps, hold, pulse
  14. cool down


I’d love to hear from you! What songs get you going on a Monday? What goals have you set for your week ahead?


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