Crazy Train

This is your middle week check in. Maybe you’re already feeling drained, or maybe you can see the light at the end of the tunnel – Friday’s coming. I came into spin this morning exhausted and sore. There’s something about cranking up the music on Wednesday mornings that wakes me up no matter how tired I am, and I hope if you were there, you felt the same way. I tell myself all the time on those early mornings, I just have to get out of bed and crank up the music. It works every time. Will I need a nap about 2 pm? Probably so. 🙂

Here’s what we did this morning… as you work, keep your watts in check.

  1. La Gozadera – warm up, you should feel like you have  enough resistance to feel that push point on your pedal stroke each time it rotates; RPM ~90-100

Stage 1

  1. Geronimo – 3 minute time trial, cover as much distance as possible without your RPM going over 110 (note: this is repeated 2 more times, with the goal to beat that distance each time)
  2. Crazy train – moderate hill at 85 RPMs with anaerobic standing surges not exceeding 110 RPM- begin on a moderate hill, 3 surges with adding 3-4 gears
  3. Another one bites the dust – heavy hill 65-75 RPM
  4. Stop – active recovery

Stage 2

  1. DJ turn it up – 3 minute time trial, RPM<110
  2. Sweet Dreams – moderate hill with seated anaerobic surges, these should leave you breathless!
  3. Hot legs – heavy hill starting at 85 RPM, working down to 55-60 RPM, hard intensity the entire time

Stage 3

  1. Burial- 3 minute time trial, RPM<110 – last one, hardest effort of the class is right here!
  2. Hit the lights – moderate hill with anaerobic surges (alternating seated and standing)
  3. Maneater – heavy hill beginning at 90 RPM, working to 60 RPM; gear increase to 8-9 above base line

Bonus: 3x surges (I added a random song to include a few extra pushes this morning)

Cool Down

I hope everyone starts off energized and ready to rock this rest of this week! xx


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