New Tricks

Last Sunday I went through the Schwinn cycling certification program at the Fly boutique gym in downtown Lincoln (the group is pictured on this post 🙂 ). Long story short, I learned a lot about increasing cycling safety (think protecting your knees and back from injury) and efficiency (think more caloric burn). Yup, gone are the days of push-pull-push-pull, and now it’s all push-push-push-push. So now I’m transitioning my classes through this process with me. This morning was great! Personally, I saw my watt average increase by about 50! Here’s what we did:

  1. Warm up – gradual hill, 75-90 RPMs, easy working to moderate intensity

Stage 1

  1. Uprising – steady hill, 65-75 RPMs, working from moderate to hard intensity, breaks to moderate hill throughout
  2. Enter Sandman – moderate hill with 5x 30 sec standing surges, RPM does not exceed 110 on surges
  3. HandClap – active recovery

Stage 2

  1. Gimme Dat – moderate seated hill at 85 RPM with surges in the saddle (15 sec surges at :14, 1:12, 2:10, 2:54, 3:52)
  2. Home We’ll Go – hard hill, RPM 65-75; surges on chorus
  3. Stay High – standing climb, RPM 65; seated surges on the chorus

Stage 3

  1. Want to want me – active recovery at 80-90 RPMs, easy to moderate intensity
  2. I lived – seated heavy climb, 65-70 RPM, working to hard intensity
  3. Take me to church – standing climb, 65-70 RPM, working between moderate and hard intensity; surges on chorus
  4. Greatest DJ – 3x 30 sec surges, moderate hill to anaerobic intensity on surges (At the beginning of class, I told the class to prepare for the most difficult part of class at the very end.(

A couple of notes:

  • RPM remains between 50 and 110 at all times
  • Intensity levels: easy (it’s easy to chat with your neighbor), moderate (you’re breathy and can only say a few words to your neighbor), hard (you can’t talk, almost breathless), anaerobic (breathless)

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