Partner Cross Train

I subbed cross training this morning, and with it a little last minute, I decided to switch things up. The thing about partner work outs… they’re twice as easy to plan and participants work twice as hard so as to not let their partner down. At least that’s the way I work through them. Either way, it was tough & a good time.

-Warm up-

Part 1:

200 rope shakes

100 plank high fives

100 squat medicine ball toss

6 mile stationary bike ride

100 crunch medicine ball toss

100 back lunge medicine ball toss

150 bosu bicycle crunches


Part 2:

50 alternating burpees

100 side plank weight pass

100 tricep band kick backs

6 min. seated/standing climb on stationary bike

4 gym lengths wheelbarrow

100 KB swings

It should take ~25 minutes to get through each part. If you’re working alone, divide numbers by 2. Enjoy!!




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