What a morning we had today in cross training! Today was heavier on cardio, which was a nice switch up. I only heard a few minor complaints during the burpees. 😉 Here’s what we did:

10 minute dreadmill: holding a dumbell in each hand – I wouldn’t recommend more than 10# in each hand – set incline to 15% and speed to 3.0-3.5 mph. Sweat it out, and enjoy the extra back work walking with the weights. You’re welcome.

5 rounds for time:

100 deadmill steps (treadmill off) + 10 burpees

3 rounds for time:

2 minute row as fast as possible + 30 plank jacks

Work through:

  1. 50 thrusters
  2. 50 leg raises
  3. 50 weighted squats
  4. 3 minute plank
  5. 50 kettle bell swings
  6. 50 deadlifts
  7. 50 chest fly
  8. 100 bicycle crunches
  9. 4 gym lengths walking lunges (weight optional)

Hope you all have a great end of the week. Do you do any fun & challenging workouts this week that you want to share?



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