Humpday work

Humpday has come and gone. Great work by my cheerful early crowd this morning.

Stay tuned for everyone’s favorites tomorrow: dreadmill and deadmill 🙂

  1. the look – warm up
  2. overdose – standing climb
  3. bully – rolling hills in the saddle with a steady climb
  4. until the end – standing climb, seated pushes on the chorus (don’t touch resistance)
  5. love in the 21st century – climbing sprints
  6. dance again – 4 count|2 count jumps, hovers
  7. fire – big climb IN the saddle
  8. make it bun dem – big climb OUT of the saddle
  9. tick tick boom – single leg work, 1.5 minutes each; gear up 2 every 30 seconds
  10. sweat – climbing slides
  11. the river – sprints
  12. don’t let me down – climbing isolations, pushes
  13. Cool down|stretching

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