It’s been beautiful out today and yesterday. My class is lucky that power pump doesn’t involve cardio because it was the perfect day to run hills. We had a great workout without the hills though, and I *promise* your quads are going to be burning before you get too far into it. How did you kick off your week’s fitness?

  1. warm up – stretching, basic squats without weight
  2. legs – weighted squats, squat holds, squat pulses
  3. legs – weighted stationary lunges on step, side weighted lunges on step, curtsy lunges
  4. legs – squats, squat side steps (2 left, 2 right) on the verses
  5. core – stability ball crunches (lower back on ball), crunches (ball underneath feet in plank)
  6. back, chest – t-raises on bench, rows; chest fly (on bench on back)
  7. core
  8. biceps – bicep curls, bicep half curls; work up to 3 half curls per every full curl
  9. core – single and double leg raises, bicycle crunches
  10. triceps – tricep band pull downs, overhead extensions
  11. shoulders – upward row, front raises
  12. hamstring/glutes – presses, presses with one leg raised, hold press with leg raises, presses with leg crossed over opposite knee, hold press
  13. hamstrings/arms – dead lifts, dead rows
  14. chest – chest press, 2 count chest press
  15. cool down

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