Cross training

Our core is an incredible part of the body. Strengthening it increases our ability to do many activities and functions. It plays a key role in running, your posture, performing TRX, yoga, strength training and everything in between. So, today’s cross training work out was core-focused. I divided the class into 2 groups. Each group worked at each station for 5 minutes, then switched. Half way through, we did some brief tabata work.


Bootcamp: 5 three-way abs (starting in a v-sit, lower legs to the floor towards the left side, come back up to the v-sit, lower legs to the right, bring your body back to a v-sit, separate your legs to hip width distance apart and lower both legs to the floor, return to a v-sit; repeat), 10 push ups, 20 spider plank

Kickboxing: 30 jabs, 30 hooks, 10 walking plank


Bootcamp: 20 squats, 20 goblet squats, 20 monkey squats

Kickboxing: 20 front kicks, 20 roundhouse kicks, 10 crab abs (bring your body into a table top position – belly up. Reach one arm over to the other side, grabbing a weight and setting it down on the other side of your body. Repeat with the opposite arm.)


Tabata work: 3x, 45 sec work/15 sec rest

High knees, superman hold



Bootcamp: 20 toe touches, 20 heel touches, 20 hamstring curls on the stability ball

Kickboxing: 30 belly rippers, 20 side kicks, 20 tricep dips


Bootcamp: 15 shoulder press, 15 chest fly, 15 skull crushers

Kickboxing: 30 jabs, 20 back kicks, 10 weighted surrenders (Hoisting a weight above your head, come down to your knees and then back up to your feet. Repeat.)


Friday is in sight. Have a great Easter weekend!



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