Humpday success

Ah, where does the time go? Life has been crazy. I taught 3-4 classes last week and took off from blogging, ran a 10 mile race and a 5k on Saturday and tried to get some sleep. Whew. I had a cycling training on Friday night which renewed some energy and motivation, and also taught me a few new aspects of indoor cycling that I need to emphasize in class. Though I normally teach on Keiser bikes, I’m excited to get certified through the Schwinn program next weekend! But let’s focus on today’s ride. I emphasized riders to check in with their watts. I often refer to RPMs, but when every bike is slightly different and heart rates are hiked up when you have your morning coffee, watts are going to give your true effort – your cadence + your gear.


  1. warm up – watt climbs on the flat road, stretching
  2. standing climb – beginning at 4 above base, steady climb with pushes on the chorus
  3. seated climb – steady climb in the saddle, pushes on the chorus (end up 4-5 above base)
  4. climbing slides – 4 count slides, gear up 2 after every slide set
  5. sprints – beginning at base, 2x sprints, gear up 1 after each sprint
  6. jumps – 4 above base, 4 count, no additional climbing – pushing while jumping
  7. single leg work – unclip 1 leg, focusing on the leg clipped in; pedal for 1.5 minutes, increasing gear by 2 every 30 seconds; switch legs; add in both legs
  8. heavy climb – begin on base, increasing 1 every 15 seconds; end at 12 above base. Come out of the saddle when ready
  9. endurance ride – hold steady RPM for entire song, increase RPM by 10 on the :00 for 15 sec, increase gear by 1 on the :30 for 15 sec
  10. heavy climb – remain in the saddle, climb to 10 above base increasing gear every 15-20 seconds
  11. standing climb – pushes on the chorus
  12. variety – climb, push, hovers, sprint

This was a perfect way to kick off my humpday. What did you do on this first Wednesday of spring? I ended mine with a hot power yoga class. I *may or may not* have fallen asleep in savasana. I could sleep for days now 🙂



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