I rarely do yoga – I’m trying really hard to work it into my routine – but I did it twice Sunday and felt quite good having given my entire body a good stretch which lasted well into Monday too. Last night, I tried not to kill my class last night too bad including myself as I prep for a 10 mile race this weekend. But as always, I put an emphasis on squats – gotta build up quad, hamstring and glute strength.

  1. warm up
  2. Legs – Triple squats (side-middle-side) – second set add in a pulse in each squat; plie squats
  3. Legs – squat variations (4 count into the squat, 4 count out of the squat; 2/2 count; 1/4 count; 1/1 count); dead lifts
  4. Legs – weighted knee ups; single leg lifts (standing on a bench and hinging at the hips about 1/4 of the way down, let weights and arms hang straight down in front of you. Lift one leg at a time for several reps, repeat with the other leg.)
  5. Arms/legs – bicep curls, bicep/dead rows, front squats, shoulder press
  6. Core – single, double leg lifts
  7. Core – plank variations (front, side, side crunches)
  8. Legs/shoulders – dead lifts, upward rows, shoulder press, bicep/dead rows
  9. Chest – chest press (holds and pulses), chest fly
  10. Triceps – overhead extension, tricep lifts (behind lower back)
  11. Calves – calve lifts on step (sets: toes point forward, outside, inside)
  12. Hamstring – bridge press and variations, bridge leg lift
  13. Cool down

How did you kick off your week workout wise? Hope you have a good week!


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