It felt good to be back to power pump after a week off but did my muscles ever feel it. I’ve switched my exercise focus to training for upcoming running races and so weight training is down to 1-2 days per week. It was a great class and as always it was great to see all of my regular attendees show up, even when it’s 80 degrees outside in March in Nebraska!!

Here’s what we did for a workout: (I didn’t make a new playlist for this workout but I’ll attach the one I used anyways!)

  1. warm up – stretching, squats, squat pulses, squat + lateral leg lifts (without weights)
  2. legs – squats, 2 count squats
  3. hamstrings – bridge press, bridge press with extended leg, bridge press hold
  4. legs – weighted stationary lunges (hold weight above head), goblet squats
  5. legs – plie squats with one heel raised, curtsy lunges
  6. core – inch worm push ups, plank kick throughs (keep leg that is extended underneath and out to the side elevated above the ground)
  7. shoulders – lateral front raises, upward rows
  8. core – weighted side bend, wood choppers
  9. biceps – curls, hammer curls, bicep rows
  10. triceps – overhead tricep extensions, tricep raises (hands hold weight behind body and slide up spine)
  11. shoulders – shoulder hinges, shoulder press
  12. legs – dead lifts, squats
  13. core – heel touches, bicycle crunches, reverse crunch leg lifts, toe touches (legs extended to ceiling)
  14. cool down – stretching

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