Tabata Tuesday

I subbed cardio strength intervals tonight. I love teaching this class because it’s a great cross training class that involves enough in-place cardio and weight lifting to keep the heart rate up for the entire 50 minutes. I like the tabata style, working 45 seconds and resting 15 seconds, to exercise our heart muscles. Each exercise is repeated twice, and I encourage people to use heavier weight for the first set, and if they need, to drop to a lower weight for the second set. So here are the exercises we did after a warm up:

5 minutes cardio: step ups, jumping jacks, star jumps, high knees, jump rope, kick butts, step hop overs, burpees

  1. Weighted squats
  2. Stability ball hamstring curls
  3. Single leg dead lifts (1 min R leg, 1 min L leg)
  4. Push ups
  5. Glute bridges w/ leg lifts
  6. Front shoulder raises
  7. Spider Plank
  8. Tricep dips on step

5 minutes cardio: mountain climbers, side to side jumps, weighted jacks, high knees, burpees

  1. Arnold v-sits (bicep curl to shoulder press in a v-sit)
  2. Weighted russian twists
  3. Stability ball side lunges (weight optional)
  4. Plank rows
  5. Thrusters
  6. Stability ball crunches
  7. Upward rows

2-3 minutes cardio: combat burpees (burpee with 4 jabs), mountain climbers, high knees

Cool down. Stretching.




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