A day late…

I had a great power pump class last night. I wish I could’ve counted how many squats and lunges we did. We literally did three songs in a row of focusing on legs. If you can push through it, I PROMISE you are going to feel like your legs are giving out AND that you are going to see results. Whatever you do, don’t stop!

  1. Warm up – stretching, squats (no weight), squats with single and double pulses
  2. Legs – squats, squat hold, squat pulses
  3. Legs – plie squats (left/right heel lifted), curtsy lunges
  4. Legs – squat with alternating front kicks, 2 count squats (warning: this song feels like it won’t ever end – don’t give up!!)
  5. Core – stability ball front and side crunches on back, stability ball crunches and pikes (ball under shins/ankles)
  6. Back – seated fly, seat wide rows
  7. Core – plank: arm raises, leg raises, shoulder taps, walking plank, knees to elbows; bicycle crunches
  8. Shoulders – shoulder press, front raises
  9. Biceps – curls, hammer curls, bent over rows
  10. Triceps – overhead single arm extensions, overhead extensions, rear raises (slide weight up spinal chord with both arms), rear extensions (press weight up and out holding weight behind body)
  11. Chest – chest press, chest fly on stability ball; stabilize and hold hips up while resting upper back on stability ball
  12. Glutes/Hamstrings – bridge leg lift variations



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