Daily Double

I’ve got two workouts for you tonight. Started early and finished strong tonight. I taught my cross training class this morning and subbed a 45 minute cycling class tonight. It was a good day. Here’s both workouts – I’m including the spin playlist.

Cross training: (For bootcamp portion, I’d suggest heavy weights since reps are low) Work through each part of each round for 5 minutes.

Round 1

Bootcamp: 10 chest fly, 10 plank jacks, 10 burpees

Kick boxing: 30 jabs, 30 hooks, 10 star jumps

Round 2

Bootcamp: 1 stair run, 10 squat to upward rows, 10 weighted jacks

Kick boxing: 20 front kicks, 20 knee jabs, 20 toe taps

Group core:

45 sec work|15 sec rest, repeat 2x: high knees, plank rows

Round 3

Bootcamp: 10 ea. weighted lunges, 10 ea. single leg dead lifts, 10 spider push ups

Kick boxing: 30 jabs, 20 round house kicks, 10 burpees

Group work

100 m run, squat 180s for 100 m

90 sec plank hold



  1. warm up – slight climb, rpm drills
  2. standing climb – beginning at 4 above base, steady climb; seated pushes in the saddle on chorus – don’t lower gear when pushing
  3. slides – starting at 4 above base, gear up 2 after each set of slides
  4. seated rolling hills – gear up 4, down 3 gears step sequence to 10 above base
  5. skipped due to shortened class
  6. isolations – climbing isolations beginning at 4 above base, gear up 1 after each isolation; seated pushes on the chorus
  7. sprints – increase 1 gear after each sprint
  8. heavy climb – reach 12 above base 3x, gear up 1 every 10 seconds; gear down 6 gears after each peak to climb again
  9. skipped due to shortened class
  10. backwards peddling drills – gradual increase to 4 above base; pushes in hover position on chorus
  11. endurance – rpms remain between 105 and 115, each minute sprint for 15 sec, return to rpm for 15 sec, increase gear by 3-4 for 15 sec, return to rpm for 15 sec; repeat each minute
  12. tabata sprints – sprint for 30 sec | rest for 15 sec
  13. standing climb – gradual climb to 10 above base, pushes on the chorus

Cheers my friends – tomorrow’s Friday!!


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