#humpday spin

Kicked off this Wednesday with a tough spin routine this morning. I try to challenge my class, especially my regulars, to bump up their baseline every so often. Even if for a few songs. You’ve got to challenge yourself and keep yourself from settling on a fitness plateau. No point getting up before 5 a.m. for an easy workout, #amiright ?! Make it a GREAT Wednesday!

Here’s what we did this morning:

  1. warm up – RPM drills, gear building
  2. standing rolling hills – begin at 4 above base, gradual up 4 down 2 building to 10 above base
  3. seated climb – pushes on the chorus, worked to 8 above base in the saddle
  4. climbing slides – start at 4 above base, 4 count slides on the verses, gear up 2 after each set; isolations on the chorus
  5. sprints – RPM drills working to a sprint (~130 RPMs) 2x, RPM does not drop below 110 entire song
  6. heavy climb – remain in the saddle entire song, end at 10 above base, increases every 20 sec.
  7. heavy climb continued out of the saddle, reach 12 above base 2x, increases every 15 sec.
  8. tabata sprints – 30 sec sprint | 15 sec rest
  9. reverse climb and pushes – reverse pedal direction, gradual increase to 5 above base; pushes in saddle and hover position on chorus
  10. climbing isolations – isolations beginning at 4 above base, increase gear by 1 after each isolation
  11. jumps – start at 4 above base, 4 count| 2 count on chorus, increase gear by 1 after each set
  12. climb – steady climb to 12 above base, surprise pushes
  13. cool down | stretching




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