Cheap Thrills

I’m loving Sia’s new song cheap thrills. Something about it is catchy, and it also makes me so ready for summertime. At least there are a couple of 60 degree days in the forecast, right? Speaking of summer, here’s what we did today to get ready for it 🙂 Hope everyone has a good week!!

  1. warm up – stretching, squats, squats with lateral leg lifts
  2. biceps – curls, lateral raises, hammer curls
  3. triceps – tricep push ups, overhead tricep extensions
  4. shoulders – front raises, side lateral windmills
  5. chest – chest press (singles, 2-count), chest fly
  6. core – tripod plank, bird dogs, elbow plank rotations
  7. core – stability ball exchange, stability ball crunches, stability ball pike ups
  8. legs – raised front and side lunges
  9. legs – squats (singles, 2-count), holds
  10. legs – curtsey squats, goblet squats
  11. legs/biceps – dead 76, dead rows
  12. glutes/hamstrings – elevated bridges (feet on step), leg lifts and raises
  13. core – bicycle crunches, leg lifts
  14. cool down

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