There’s Gotta Be Gold (Spin Class)

Today was a tough one. I focused on climbing on most songs to build leg strength while working cardiovascular muscles. As a runner, finding time to do both of those exercises are important to building speed. For my cyclists that hate sprinting, this routine is for you! Enjoy your next 55 minutes 🙂

  1. warm up – RPM builds
  2. climb – standing pushes
  3. climbing slides
  4. seated heavy climb
  5. tabata sprints – 20 s on|10 s off
  6. climbing – seated pushes
  7. climb + slides
  8. sprints
  9. heavy climb
  10. climb – pushes
  11. endurance – sprint on the minute for 15 s, increase gear by 2-3 on half minute for 15 s
  12. isolations – climbing
  13. climbing – slides on chorus
  14. big climb – peak 3x



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