Throwback power pump

Sometimes the popular music today gets really old. Good thing there are many great classics that work really well for high repetition weight training! I hope you’ll enjoy the workout & playlist and maybe you’ll even find yourself singing along. I think I might have caught one or two tonight doing so 🙂 Thanks for the packed house tonight. I usually can only fit 20 and was so happy to see 23 – many of whom I get to see week after week. Thanks for motivating me to give you all a great workout!

  1. warm up – brief stretching; kettle bell warm up: squats, goblet squats, squat with upward rows, figure 8s
  2. kettle bell warm up continued – front lunge pass throughs with lateral shoulder raises, kettle bell swings
  3. thighs – (laying on side on mat with stacked legs with weight on top of top leg) leg raises, leg kick outs towards the front, leg kick backs
  4. legs|glutes – squats, 2 count squats, squat kicks
  5. legs|inner and outer thighs – curtsey lunges, raised front lunges (on step), sumo squat
  6. core – russian twists (1 count & 2 count side taps), leg raises with reverse crunch, bicycle crunches
  7. core – 30 seconds each: spider plank, super man with side arm press, plank knee cross unders (knees to opposite elbows), supermans with leg and arm flutter, walking plank, bird dogs, plank hold
  8. arms|shoulders – 1 min each: bicep curls, upward rows, shoulder press, outward press (wrists rotated up toward ceiling, dead rows
  9. chest – press (1 & 2 count) and fly (1 & 2 count)
  10. triceps – overhead extension, 1 arm extension, skull crushers (on step)
  11. glutes – bridge press, bridge press with 1 leg raised, bridge with leg press
  12. legs – squats, 2 count side squat step (2 steps right, 2 steps left)
  13. cool down & stretching



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