A road to ride on


Time got away from me yesterday – so this is yesterday’s ride.

After being cooped up Tuesday with a snow day {definitely not complaining}, I was anxious to get in a ride yesterday. I even had a faithful handful brave the roads and show up. Here’s what we did:

  1. Warm up – building RPMs in the saddle and out in running position, brief stretching
  2. Climb – beginning at 4 above base, steady climb increasing 1 gear at a time, adding in pushes on the chorus
  3. Climb – standing climb beginning at 4 above base, seated pushes on the chorus
  4. Seated rolling hills – beginning seated at 4 above base, remain here in a slight push for verse, gear down 3 and increase cadence for chorus; gear up 4 for next verse, then again down 3 for chorus; and so on gradually stair stepping up gears
  5. Sprints – on chorus, gear up 1 after each sprint
  6. Jumps – 4 count jumps on verses, hover on bridge, 2 count on chorus; remain at 4 above base
  7. Seated climb – gear up 2 every 30 seconds
  8. Endurance – maintain ~110 RPMs entire song; at each minute, sprint for 15 seconds; at each half minute, increase gear by 2 for 15 seconds
  9. Isolations – beginning at 4 above base, isolate during verses, jog on chorus; gear up 1 after each isolation
  10. Steady climb
  11. Steady climb – for 10 and 11, reach 12 above base 3-4x, gear up 1 every 15 seconds; gear down to 4 above base after each peak; {Find your happy place here – this is a long climb and you should be out of breath at the top of each hill.}
  12. Slides – starting at 4 above base, 4 count slides on verses; gear up 2 after each set; run on chorus
  13. Cool down & Stretch



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