A fine day for cross training


Running season is about to be in full swing as February begins. Cross training, when performed well and routinely, is an essential part of a runner’s workout regimen. I did some research and incorporated some important exercises in this morning’s workout. Most of these focus on different leg muscles. I’ve added in some upper body strength training as well for balance. The best part is whether you are a runner or not, these exercises are still great for strength building and toning, as well as for burning calories. I hope you enjoy this one! (Find this morning’s playlist below.)

Each round has a boot camp part and a kickboxing part. Work through each part of each round, repeating exercises for 5 minutes, then moving on to the next portion. This workout should take roughly an hour. Try to minimize rest in between parts/rounds.

Round 1:

10 frogger push ups, 10 (ea. leg) side lunges, 1 stair run

30 jabs, 20 hooks, 20 front kicks

Round 2:

10 (ea. leg) single leg dead lifts, 10 upward row to shoulder press, 1 stair run

15 (ea. arm) jab-hooks (right jab-left hook, left jab-right hook), 20 roundhouse kicks, 20 toe taps on bag base

GROUP CORE: weighted arm/leg raises on back, russian twists, leg lifts with reverse crunches, bicycle crunches (30 seconds each, repeat 2x if time permits)

Round 3:

10 (ea. leg) split squats, 15 chest press to fly, 1 stair run

30 belly rippers, 20 back jabs, 20 side kicks

Round 4:

10 (ea. leg) tripod plank, 20 goblet squats, 30 skaters

30 hooks, 20 kicks of choice, 10 star jumps



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