Class was back at it tonight. I don’t know if everyone was trying to get a workout in before snow storm kayla rolls through later tonight or if it was a regular Monday and people wanted to start their week off right. Either way, it was great to see new and regular faces tonight. Here’s what we did tonight:

*Equipment note: we used fit tube resistance bands and flat closed-circle bands in addition to body bars, heavy and medium weighted dumbells, and a step.

  1. warm up – stretching, squats (no weight), windmills
  2. arms {using fit tube resistance bands} – bicep curls, archer pull aparts, bent over rows
  3. legs/arms {using fit tube resistance bands} – squat press, lunge curls
  4. legs {using flat closed-circle bands} – squats, squats with lateral leg lifts, squat side steps
  5. legs – lunges, front leg elevated on step; squats, one leg elevated on step
  6. legs – curtsey lunges, goblet squats
  7. core – plank variations
  8. core – russian twists, leg lifts, reverse crunch, bicycle crunches
  9. shoulders – front raises, shoulder press
  10. triceps – tricep extensions, tricep dips
  11. biceps – bench isolation curls, hammer curls
  12. chest – bench push ups, chest press, chest fly
  13. booty – dirty dog variations

I’m hoping a blizzard will come through tomorrow. If so, stay tuned for an at home workout tomorrow!


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