Get up & Get movin’

I told my class this morning that I didn’t get any sleep last night. We picked up a puppy today and I have felt like a kid on Christmas for ! So, hopefully everything made sense when I was teaching this morning. 🙂 Don’t forget to return to your flat road after each song for a quick recovery. We’re over halfway through the week – let’s do this!

  1. Warm up – RPM increases on flat road; gear up 2, hover, push; gear up 2, run, push
  2. Beginning at 4 above base, hover, when the song speeds up, push in the hover position; jog on verses; push on choruses in the hover position; increase gear by 2 after each push
  3. Climbing slides – 3 sets, 4 count at 4 gears above baseline
  4. Seated climb – gear up 2 every 30 seconds to 10 above base
  5. Standing climb – climb beginning at 4 above base, increasing 1 gear every 15 seconds; pushes on the chorus
  6. Endurance – maintain 110-115 RPMs for entire song; gear increases to 1 and 2 above base for 30 seconds intervals
  7. Jumps – jumps on verses, isolate on chorus
  8. Big Climb – beginning at base, gear up 1 gear every 15 seconds to 12 above base
  9. Sprints – on chorus, resting RPM at 100
  10. Isolations – begin on base; isolate on verse, gear up 1 after each isolation
  11. Seated climb – begin at base; quick pushes on chorus, gear up 2 after each push
  12. RPM drills – 110-135 RPM for entire song
  13. Jumps {when time permits}



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