Work, Breath, Repeat

I ended up subbing a class this morning and evening, so I’m going to share tonight’s workout. It was last minute so the playlist might be a repeat. The class tonight was a cardio strength interval class. I taught it tabata style, working for 45-50 seconds and resting for 10-15 seconds**. Exercises were done in pairs {one exercise, then the next exercise, then repeat the two}. Cardio was interspersed. Happy Tuesday!

5 minute warm up: static stretching, squats, running up and down steps, toe taps, jumping jacks, etc.

Plie squats, squats + alternating lateral leg lifts

Reverse squats with rear leg lift (work 1 leg for 50 sec, work opp. leg for 50 sec, repeat)

Cardio: Weighted jacks, run step|jump step

Dead lifts, dead rows

Upward rows, bicep curls

Cardio: High knees, mountain climbers

Chest press, chest fly

Cardio: Skaters, jump squats

Core: single|double leg lifts, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, 1 minute plank {hip rocks, knees to elbows}

**If you have to shorten the work period to 40 sec and lengthen the rest period to 20 sec, focus on keeping the working seconds intense. Keeping the heart rate up is important and research has suggested short spurts of effort followed by brief rest periods is an effective way to build endurance and lose weight.



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