Cycle Core

After today’s class, a guy came up to me and said this class was by far the hardest cycling class he’s attended. I love hearing comments like that. As a group fitness participant, I want to show up and be challenged, and leave sweaty and rejuvenated. I hope my participants feel the same. On that note, I always specify to participants that this is YOUR workout and YOU are in control of your bike. Your flat road, whether you gear up when I tell you to, etc. is all on your own. So here’s what we did in the cycle core class I subbed at the Cooper Y this afternoon:

  1. warm up – flat road RPM drills, hover, running, pushes, increase gear to 4 above base throughout song
  2. slides – slides on the verses, hover on chorus; gear up 2 after each set of slides – end up at 8 above base; begin at 4 above base
  3. seated climb – starting at base, increasing gear at 20-30 sec intervals to 8 above base
  4. sprints – begin on your flat road; RPM 100 resting, sprint to 125-130 RPMs on chorus, increase 1 gear after each sprint
  5. isolations|climbing – starting at 4 above base, isolate on chorus, climb on verses; gear up 1-2 gears after each isolation {isolations are focusing on using your leg muscles to rotate peddles instead of using your body weight, try eliminating the bounce – think of trying to ride with a book balanced on your head; maintain speed}
  6. climb – starting at 4 above flat road, push on the chorus, increase gear by 1 after each push
  7. speed work – on your flat road, building and breaking between 110 and 130 RPMs
  8. heavy climb – beginning at base, increase gears by 1 every 15 seconds until you reach 12 above base, slowly decrease by 2 gears back to base; remain in the saddle until peddling becomes too difficult
  9. pushes – 2 seated pushes (one on base, 1 at 2 above base) + 2 standing pushes (4 above base); both on chorus
  10. single leg work – unclip one foot, working 1 leg at a time; starting at base, increase gear by 2 every 30 sec for 1.5 minutes; repeat on other leg
  11. seated pushes – beginning at 4 above base, on chorus, sit down and push without touching gear; RPM should reach 90-100 RPMs and should be tough
  12. skipped due to time
  13. jumps – 4 count, 2 count, back to 4 count; hover on chorus/bridge

10 min core work – planks, crunches, supermans, etc.

Enjoy the final bit of your weekend, and I hope you’ll join me here or in classes this week!


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