never giving up

The studio for cross training on Thursdays is ever so conveniently located close to a back stair case – perfect for running up and down. This morning we took full advantage of it. This playlist has a lot of rock, mostly because it always seems appropriate when punching bags. Maybe it’s energizing, maybe it’s bringing out pent up aggression, who knows?

I split the group in 2. We worked at stations repeating three exercises for 5 minutes, then switched. We came together for core in between.

Warm up – run|jog 3 gym laps

Group 1 – Bags:

  1. 30 jabs
  2. 30 hooks
  3. 30 uppercuts

Group 2 – “bootcamp:”

  1. 2 stair climbs
  2. 10 band jump squats {bring ankles together when you jump up}
  3. 10 {ea leg} band wide side steps

Core: 40 s work/20 s rest – high knees|walk out push ups; repeat 3x

Group 1 – Bags:

  1. 20 front kicks
  2. 20 toe taps
  3. 20 roundhouse kicks

Group 2 – “bootcamp:”

  1. 1 hallway run
  2. 30 plank jacks
  3. 10 burpees

Group 1 – Bags:

  1. 30 jabs
  2. 30 side kicks
  3. 20 star jumps

Group 2 – “bootcamp:”

  1. 2 stair climbs
  2. 10 chest fly in bridge position {lay on back, bending knees and raising hips toward the ceiling. Extend arms with weights straight above chest, rotating wrists to face each other. Open arms, lowering them close to the floor. Bring arms back up to start.}
  3. 20 spider plank {10 ea leg}

Core: 2 minute plank – hip dips, walking plank, arm raises, knees to opposite elbows


Friday is almost here. Enjoy!!


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