Uptown funk gonna give it to ya

Uptown Funk might be well overplayed but you have to give it to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars for releasing such a catchy tune – or whoever wrote it. I always pick up my pace in whatever I’m doing when I hear it. So at 5:15 am, it’s a good one to put on. Here’s what we did in cycling this morning (I skipped a couple of songs due to time. I’m always trying to keep people a little over :)).

  1. Warm up
  2. Slides {alternating between standing and hovering over the saddle} – beginning at 4 above base, we did sets of 4 count and 2 count slides. After each set, we increased gear by 2, ending at 8 above base
  3. Climb – beginning at 4 above base, seated pushes on the chorus. Gear up 1 after each push. {RPMs should be between 80 and 90 (or higher) when pushing in the saddle}
  4. Isolations – beginning at 4 above base, isolate leg muscles on verses (minimizing bounce but keeping cadence up). Jog/push on the chorus. Gear up 1 after each push
  5. RPM drills – RPMs remain between 100 and 130 the entire song. Remain on flat road for entire song
  6. Climb – beginning at 4 above base, steady climb. Pushes on the chorus. End at 10 above base
  7. Backwards drills – begin on baseline and rotate your pedals in the backward direction. 30 sec: gear up 2, push. Next 30 sec: Hover. Next 30: push. Next 30: Stand up in a jog, gear up 2. Next 30: hover. Work back down
  8. Jumps – 4 count, 2 count at 4 above base
  9. Seated climb – Starting at base, gear up 2 every 20 seconds to 10 above base, remain seated entire song
  10. Standing climb – Starting at 4 above base, gear up 1 every 15 seconds, ending at 12 above base. Focus on keeping RPMs above 50
  11. Tabata sprints – flat road, sprint 20 seconds, rest 10. Repeat for entire song
  12. SKIPPED due to time
  13. SKIPPED due to time
  14. Hover/Climb/Pushes – variety of light climbing and long, fast pushing throughout song. Ended at 6 above base
  15. Cool Down



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