Cooper Y Spin/Core

Yesterday, I went to south Lincoln’s Cooper Y to sub a class. I don’t often go elsewhere to teach, but it’s nice to meet new people and try to convince them to come up to the Fallbrook Y. Yes, I’m completely partial to “my Y.” Since the day started out a few degrees below zero, I didn’t know how many to expect but was glad to see ten or so come out to warm up. The sun shined in the windows and made for a sweaty 45 minutes {30 min spin + 15 min core work}. I’ll be back for the same class next Sunday so I hope to see a few familiar faces.

  1. Warm up starting at your baseline- RPM increases 100-110-115-120; increase gear by 2, repeat RPM increases; bring your body up to a hover position, 10 sec push; gear up 2, bring your body to stand, push
  2. Begin by gear up to 4-5 above your baseline, push on the choruses; increase gear by 1 after each push
  3. Sprints on your flat road; resting RPM when not sprinting should be at 100; sprinting RPMs 120-130 RPM {If your quads aren’t burning, I’d suggest gearing up 1 gear}
  4. 2 count slides {changing between standing and hovering positions based on the song beat} starting at 4 above base; running on the chorus; increasing gear by 1 after each set of slides; ending gear should be at 7 above your baseline
  5. Seated climb beginning on your flat road; gear up 2 every 30 seconds until you reach 10 above base; add in 15 second pushes after each gear up
  6. Beginning at 4 above base, pushes on the chorus; increase gear by 2 after each push
  7. Heavy climb beginning at 4 above base; increasing by 2 every 20 seconds; hovering for 10 seconds after each gear up; when you reach 12 above base, begin decreasing by 2 gears every 10 seconds
  8. Sprints on your flat road at each chorus
  9. Stretching –> floor for core

Core work:

  1. Planks – knee taps, hip dips {in plank position, twist body so that one hip is pointed towards the floor, then by slightly bending both arms similar to a push up, bring your hip to hover above the floor, then switch sides}, side plank {with optional side crunches}
  2. Supermans, supermans with arm extensions {begin with arms out in front of you, slowly bend your arms by bringing your elbows to your side and squeezing your shoulder blades together, then extend your arms straight in front of you}
  3. Russian twists, bicycle crunches
  4. Leg pendulums {Start on your back with your legs straight up in the air and hands by your side, so that your body is in a 90 degree angle, drop your legs to hover the floor and bring them back up. Now drop your legs over to the right side, bring them back up. Drop your legs to the left side hovering the floor. Back to middle and repeat.}
  5. Start with your body in a 90 degree angle like the pendulums. Clasp your hands together and crunch up, reaching your extended arms to the left side of your feet in the air. Release, then crunch up to the right.
  6. Walking plank {Starting on your hands in plank, walk down to your elbows then back to your hands. Repeat. Focusing on keeping your butt down – it’s easy to let it begin to lift in this exercise.}
  7. Bridges, with optional leg extension and lifts

A couple of notes on my cycling workouts:

**Between songs, always return to your baseline|flat road for a very brief recovery**

**A push increases your RPMs by at least 10**

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