monday’s triple doozy

Today was a long day. I ended up teaching three very different classes by the end of it. Enjoy!

Round 1: Spin

The ride this morning focused on building leg strength and endurance. We did lots of intense climbing, both in and out of the saddle. I encouraged riders to maintain cadences as resistance increased.

  1. Warm up – RPM increase drills; stretching
  2. Beginning 4 above base, push on the chorus; increase RPM by 2 after each push – it should get really tough on the last push!
  3. Starting at 4 above base, 4 count slides on the verses, hover on bridges, pushes; increase gear by 1 after each push
  4. Starting at 4 above base, pushes on chorus, gear up 2 after each push
  5. Seated climb starting on base; gear up 1 every 15 sec to 12 above base
  6. Standing climb starting at 4 above base, working to 12 above base; increase every 15 seconds
  7. Endurance ride, beginning on base, maintain 115 RPM entire song, increasing gear by 1 every minute
  8. Tabata sprints – 30 seconds on | 10 seconds off
  9. Seated climb beginning at base, increase 2 gears every 30 seconds
  10. Sprints on chorus on flatroad
  11. 45 sec isolations, 15 sec rest (4 above base entire song)
  12. Starting at 4 above base, 4 count | 2 count jumps


Round 2: Power Pump

  1. warm up – stretching, light muscle movements
  2. stability ball wall squats with weights, 5- 10 sec holds throughout
  3. single | double leg deadlifts
  4. thigh squeezes with stability ball – this one you might just have to come and experience in class for yourself. It’s a killer!
  5. planks
  6. chest press, chest fly on stability ball
  7. squats
  8. front shoulder raised, upward row
  9. stability ball crunches
  10. biceps
  11. plie squats, one heel raised at a time
  12. stability ball leg raises, ball pass, stability ball pendulums
  13. lunges – 4 corners
  14. tricep extensions, tricep spine raises
  15. bridge holds, bridge pulses, bridge leg lifts


Round 3: cycle strength interval

15 minute bike warm up: RPM drills, slides, climbs, pushes

Repeat for 5 min: 20 jogger arms (ea. arm), 10 single dead lifts each leg, 10 double leg dead lifts, 10 weighted jump squats

5 min bike: climb

Repeat for 5 min: 10 baby arnolds, 10 lunges (each leg), 10 plank jacks

5 min bike: climb/pushes

Repeat for 5 min: 30 sec. plank, 10 plank hip digs, 10 v-ups

5 min bike: jumps

Cool down


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll try one of these workouts if I haven’t seen you in class. For now, it’s time to catch some shut eye. Until next time!


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