light it up

When I walked outside today, it literally took my breath away it was so cold. Needless to say, today was not going to be a day that I would run outside. It worked out perfectly to be subbing an indoor spin class this morning though. Here’s how we got our Saturday morning started {playlist below}:

  1. Warm up on your baseline- RPM drills in the saddle and standing, progress from 90 to 120 RPMs
  2. Start out with a strong push in the saddle; gear up 4; cycle though hovers, jogging, climbing {to 6 above baseline}; building RPMs each cycle
  3. Starting 4 above baseline, 2 count slides on verses; gear up 2 gears after each set; running on the chorus
  4. Sprints {on your baseline}
  5. Heavy steady climb to 12 gears above baseline; goal is to remain in saddle the entire climb
  6. Seated climb; up 2, down 1 to 8 above base; pushes on the chorus
  7. Steady standing climb beginning at 4 above base; increase gear by 1-2 after each push
  8. Tabata sprints {flat road}- 20 sec sprint, 10 sec rest
  9. 2 count slides starting on baseline; pushes in the hover position on the chorus
  10. Single leg work – unclip 1 leg; 1.5 min per leg; start on baseline for each leg; gear up 2 every 30 sec.
  11. Begin 4 above baseline, jogging; seated pushes on the chorus {don’t lower your gear  – RPM goal should be around 90 RPMs and should feel like a challenging climb}
  12. Sprints


We ended with core work:

2x each:

30 sec plank/30 sec walking plank

russian twists/v-ups

40 sec plank/20 sec plank jacks


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